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Gabriel Eber invented maseur® over 30 years ago in Sydney, Australia. He realised that many aches and pains, as well as general wellbeing were linked to nerve endings in the feet.

His design of the maseur® foot bed follows the natural contours of a healthy foot, ensuring the foot is always placed in an optimal position.

An iconic brand in footwear, maseur® is part of the Australian lifestyle.

Why Maseur

Why Maseur?

It's a tough life for our feet: work, lifestyle and even your weight can cause sore, tired feet. Give your feet some comfort with maseur®.

maseur® cushions feet from hard surfaces, helping to soothe sore, tired feet. Walking in maseur® sandals each day for 10 minutes or more can help invigorate feet, boosting energy and promoting optimal whole body posture.

Do your feet a favour and treat your feet to maseur®.

Design & Reflexology

Reflexology identifies ‘reflex points’ in the feet that represent specific organs and glands in the body.

Massaging the reflex points relieves aching feet and promotes health in that organ or gland via the body’s energetic pathways.